WIAW – Recipes

Time for some fun food!

Healthy guacamole, woman peas! Yup, I made it with peas!IMG_1604I used 3 very ripe avocados and half a bag of frozen peas (that I defrosted first). I hand blended the avocados and peas together, but I like my guac chunky so I didn’t blend it until it was smooth. Then I added in chopped red pepper, onion and cilantro. I mixed in some garlic powder and lime and then it was munchin’ time.

Waking up with the spring sun has inspired many a morning full of smoothies including, a refreshing strawberry banana smoothie.IMG_1609One banana blended with a handful of frozen strawberries, plus some almond milk and chia seeds. That simple. Blend together and finish with a straw – the only way to drink a smoothie in the morning :)

Chicken dinner – easy but delicious and satisfying after a long day at work followed by a workout. I tossed some chicken breasts in the oven with Trader Joe’s Soyaki sauce and sautéed some broccoli and brussel sprouts with garlic and oregano. I added all of those components to a large bowl with rice and topped it all off with some dipping ketchup. Quite a filling meal.  IMG_1618And that’s it for what I ate Wednesday!

What have you been eating lately?

WIAW – Smoothies on the brain

Between smoothies in the morning and banana ice cream at night I can’t keep bananas on my kitchen counter long enough!

I’ve been making a smoothie every day for breakfast recently because they are refreshing, easy to transport to work and filling!

Here are some variations of what I have been making recently:


I always start with a banana and almond milk and add a combination of the following:

Frozen mango

Frozen blueberries




Nut butter

Chia seeds

Protein powder

What do you love to put in your smoothies?

WIAW – with a sprinkle of stress on top

As I said earlier this week, change is stirring in the air, and along with the aroma of excitement, the taste of stress has creeped in.

Taking a leap and leaving the safety of the usual day-to-day is a great way to truly find yourself. To grow you need to rise up to challenges that push you to stretch your comfort zone and break posts in what you thought were the fences of your world.

There are plenty of hours where I playfully daydream about the wonderful adventures that are to come, but yesterday was filled with stressful logistical planning and and emotional strain. And while the actual changes in my life will certainly shape me, the journey planning these shifts is almost education enough.

I’m sorry to be so vague about everything and there will come a time to reveal all, but for now I am sure you can all relate to simply growing up and all that comes with it. Of course as a growing girl I need to be properly nourished and after a hard day I decided to make a homey meal of turkey sauce and brown rice pasta:


Nice and simple: sauté some broccoli, mix in some ground turkey, add some spices of your choice (oregano and garlic) and tomato sauce. I served mine with some brown rice pasta and spinach :)


Food to warm the soul and soothe growing pains.

What are some of your latest challenges?

WIAW – some eats from the week

The past few days have been filled with delicious food – some prepared at the hands of others and some cooked chez moi.

The weekend was busy with good friends and adventures including,

some sushi

IMG_1436(Going out for sushi is never complete unless I get to enjoy a seaweed salad as well)

Some homemade cocktails


(a few beautiful views found their way into my weekend as well)


Views from the Land’s End Trail in San Francisco


A childhood indulgence to get me through Monday


some sun and a good read to nourish my body and soul on my lunch break


And a heartwarming Sunday dinner of wine, spaghetti squash and chicken

IMG_0485 _MG_0490

I marinated some chicken breasts in a plastic bag for a few hours with balsamic dressing and then cooked it in the oven. While the chicken was cooking I poked the squash with a knife several times over and then cooked it in the microwave until the outside became squishy to the touch. Then mixed the chicken, some broccoli and the shredded squash together with some pepper and a small bit of smart balance – yum!

What have you been eating?

WIAW – taking something back

During my training for my half marathons I supplemented my days off between running with pilates classes. I was hesitant at first to enter the world of dance positions and flexibility, but after my initial classes I was hooked. However, once the accident happened pilates went out the window along with any heavy impact activities.

I have devoted this entire year to impact free exercises, but I was recently cleared to ease back into a few activities, including pilates. So Monday night I took back what was so abruptly and unpleasantly removed from my athletic repertoire and enjoyed an hour of pilates.


(no I was not in a nightclub, my YMCA likes to set the mood with their lighting apparently)

While I am of course no where near as flexible as I was pre-broken hip, I still felt very strong and was able to perform almost all of the exercise without any fear of injuring myself. I hadn’t moved my body in this way in months and I felt my old pilates skills falling back into place like puzzle pieces clicking together as I transitioned from plank to downward dog and moved from two-leg to single leg bridges.

It was a freeing experience and I am excited to start incorporating elements of life before the accident back into my present. It will be a slow and timid journey at first, but before I know it I will be running again and this year will trail behind in my dust.

And now on to some eats that helped fuel me for this muscle building endeavor:

Earlier in the week I made my own tofu scramble, starting with cooking up some mushrooms and red pepper.


Then I mixed in some firm tofu and added turmeric, garlic powder and basil.


And then there was the time where I didn’t feel like cooking and made a plate of snacks: Smoked salmon, cucumbers and hummus fresh from the farmer’s market.


And of course I have to have my sweets.

So I packed up a to-go bag of treats for work, including some trail mix and a homemade hamantaschen.


Happy Hump Day Everyone!

WIAW – eating go-to meals

I love going to the grocery store and shopping for fresh ingredients to use in new recipes. Even better is going to the farmer’s market on Sunday morning and buying right-off-the-farm veggies to cook up during the week.

Well this weekend I did have a chance to fill my reusable bags with beautifully fresh foods, however I did not have time to imagine creative recipes and had to default to some old favorites and easy go-to meals.

For lunch I enjoyed simple ground turkey and tomato sauce over zucchini shredded into spaghetti:


And even though the sun had set, for dinner I was craving some eggs, so I enjoyed another easy meal of eggs, avocado, salsa and almond cheese:


I am determined to come up with some new and exciting meals by the end of the week and seeing these sorry pictures of boring repeats inspires me even more to get creative in the kitchen.

WIAW – Quick and Easy

I like to cook. I really do. But that doesn’t mean that I slave over a hot stove for hours with countertops of ingredients. I like to use as few ingredients as possible because the shorter the list the faster I get to eat. The simpler recipes also give me less of a chance to make a major gourmet faux pas!

For instance, I baked some simple chicken in the oven with some spices and then cooked up some bokchoy with lemon, green onions and garlic. I added some brown rice to balance out the meal and topped it with some balsamic vinegar and I was all set to eat in about half an hour. IMG_1305For dinner I was really hungry and had no intention of getting creative in the kitchen or trying to heat up something fabulous, so instead I made sure I got some protein. I cooked up some egg whites and ate them with peanut butter on rice cakes and it was delicious and satisfying! A bit odd for dinner, but I am all for eggs at any time of day and I have a long loving relationship with peanut butter, so I’m happy whenever I can work it into a meal :)IMG_1306What are some of your go to easy-peasy meals?