365 days ago I started this blog.

It was supposed to chronicle my journey as a runner and my healthy (and not so healthy) habits. And while running was a major part of this daily publication for many months, running took a major back seat to many other life events that happened this year.

Some of the wonderful highlights include,

 Vacationing in Anguilla with the family

Frangipani day 1

Finding a love for PIlates


Starting a new job


Exploring the Bay Area


Welcoming a cat into our family 

silly kitty

Swimming in the bay 


And of course with the good comes the not as good including,

A life changing accident

dressing me

A long distance relationship

A loss in the family

 This year has been a tough one, full of unexpected changes and numerous challenges. With each turn my weaknesses have been exposed, but more importantly, my true strength has found its way to the surface. 2012 will be a year I never forget for the good and the bad, and I am excited and energized for the year to come.

I am determined to get in the best athletic shape that I can in order to start running again by the summer, I will continue to grow my career, my friends and family will see me more often and I will take on new challenges with a new found confidence.

I wish everyone success, happiness and health in 2013!

Happy New Year!


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