Food and I have had a turbulent relationship. Needless to say I love ice cream and cheese and these creamy foods do NOT love me back. Of course they wouldn’t tell me this directly to my face and I had to find out the hard way through stomach pains and long trips to the bathroom. After being diagnosed with colitis I have settled into a more cordial agreement with food. I stay away from anything dairy or fried, and the foods I do eat keep me satiated and my digestive system calm.

I enjoy eating healthy foods, like anything that resembles bird food, green foods, and things that can be easily steamed or sauteed. I am not signing up for any one of the numerous food related reality shows that I watch religiously, but I would invite you over for dinner with the confidence that you wouldn’t politely excuse yourself to discard food in the bathroom.

I do not eat red meat but I do enjoy poultry and fish, especially sushi!

I stand for healthy and simple dishes, that are fairly quick to prepare, with minimal ingredients. I promise you any recipe I post you can recreate blindfolded (NOTE: not recommended due to the high potential for slicing appendages and starting stove fires).

(Pictured: Thai spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce)

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