Partner Workout

It is incredibly rare that my husband and I have several hours in a day to spend together. Normally we have two to three hours in the evening right before bed where we scarf down some food and watch a show. But before we know it our eyelids get too heavy for us and we are forced to bed at an early hour.

However, today was that rare occasion where free time in our schedules overlapped and we seized the moment to do a spin class together.


Not only did we spin together, but we rode our bikes to the bike box together!  🙂 So much family bonding.

Do you workout with your significant other?

5 thoughts on “Partner Workout

  1. elisetteweiss

    In his ALC shirt! 😍

    Since we belong to different gyms, for various reasons, we have committed to working out at my gym together 2x/month, typically on Saturday mornings. We love it!

  2. veggiewhatnow

    Oh heck no! Our paces are way too unevenly matched. I’m still on the mend from my surgeries and my better half is a former triathlete! We don’t even walk at the same pace! 😜

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