Not-So Desperate Housewife

My work schedule might consist of odd hours. But I assure you that I work more than full-time even though I get to sleep in most days. I usual manage the wellness studio starting in the early afternoon through the late evening. And on my days off from managing, I actually teach yoga classes.

So during my free mornings I normally get to wake up at my leisure, workout during an off-peak hour and take my time getting ready for the rest of the day. But this is also the time where I feel like a true housewife. I clean the dishes (that’s right, I do it old school without that fancy dishwasher machine), vacuum the floors, do the laundry and run errands.

However, while many people might dread these tasks seemingly associated with a housewife (houseperson), I get true satisfaction out of completing these duties. I think folding warm laundry and getting all of the dishes out of the sink is right up there with answering all of the demanding emails in your inbox.

Does anyone else enjoy cleaning up your personal space like I do? No need to answer dad, I know you are the King of Laundry and the kitchen cleaning master 🙂

The Cleaner


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