Before 2013, this long time athlete would never have found herself in a yoga class in a million years. I was a basketball player, lacrosse player, avid runner and walker extraordinaire. Stretching was for people who were flexible, and I was not.

However, following my running accident, I was concerned about moving my body safely while doing physical activity. And yoga seemed to find its way to the top of the exercise docket.

After moving to Israel and realizing running and my body were not meant to be any more, I decided to dive deeper into my yoga practice. I started going regularly to my gym’s local classes and then graduated to attending classes solely at a yoga studio.

After gaining more confidence and flexibility I took the plunge and found a Yoga teacher training course that fit my needs and schedule. 6 months and 200 hours of yoga later I was certified to teach others how to bend, strengthen and stretch.

I came back to the states and settled into my local community, starting out slowly teaching classes here and there.

Today, I manage a wellness center and teach two regularly scheduled yoga classes a week, as well as subbing occasionally. I never could have guessed the path that yoga has led me down. But I can say, with a huge smile on my face, that I am very happy to have ended up here.

I am excited to continue growing as a practitioner and as a teacher and I look forward to seeing all of you out there on your mats.