We were on a break

Well, I was on a break from technology and social media over the past two weeks.

For the first time since last June my husband and I had a vacation together. We got to spend time with friends and family and visit the beauty that Colorado and California has to offer. It was a well deserved and well needed getaway from the usual routine.

On this trip we got to do some of our favorite things:

  • Laugh uncontrollably with our best friends
  • Ski and snowboard in some of the best powder the West has to offer
  • Hike the glorious hills of northern California
  • Taste wine up in Sonoma County
  • Sit by the fire with family

Here are a few snapshots of the trip

5 thoughts on “We were on a break

  1. Thank god you married a man who knows how to hold a wine glass properly. Do you know how many people screw that up?

    Question: What is the proper temperature to serve a fine Cabernet?

    Answer: Hand, Hand is the correct answer.


    Mike Cruickshank
    Acting President of the David Zucker Fan Club

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