Out for a Walk

After watching a bit of Saturday morning television and a scrumptious breakfast of eggs and toast

I not only motivated myself to get to a pilates class, but I also managed to convince Dave to accompany me 🙂 So the two of us got our strength workout in for the day together.

We could have called it quits after our hour long class full of sweat and muscle work, but no, we decided to go for one of our weekend walks through the city. And when I say through the city, I mean across the city. Saturday’s goal was to walk all the way from our apartment near the bay to the Mission district – a good 6 mile walk, including the wandering in and out of different neighborhoods.

Needless to say we eventually found a bus back to our side of the city and propped our feet on our coffee table for the rest of the afternoon. Later we were able to squeeze our feet into these colorful shoes to take us to dinner with Dave’s parents to celebrate my new job and Dave’s return from Vietnam.

Really yummy carrot soup 🙂

And then it was time to pass out and enjoy the deep sleep of a long day of activity…ZZZZ

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