Saturday Treats

Saturday was an incredibly productive day, resulting in many treats.

First, I am sure many of you are wondering if I made it through my 10 miles….well, i did. And with great success! I did get lost a little bit on my route but made it back to my apartment with plenty of energy and no pain 🙂

After my run I had to deal with my temperamental phone. My phone kept saying I had low memory when I had tons of space and it refused to repopulate my emails. The very friendly people at Verizon said that this was an issue with all of the phones and it would continue to happen even if I fixed it this time. So that meant, time to use and upgrade! And so I have joined the club and now have an iPhone! Yes, I know I am a bit behind the times but I am happy with my investment and look forward to utilizing all of it’s gadgets.

After all of the excitement of bringing home a new phone we headed to the beach to enjoy another treat in the sun.

To top it all off we ate out for lunch and dinner, enjoying delicious food in our neighborhood.

Quite an eventful day!

What did you do on your Saturday?

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