Check, Check, Check

Last Sunday I posted that I wanted to accomplish three goals by the end of the week and I am happy to say I can check all three off of my list.

#1 To put more weight on my leg than I have in more than 5 weeks….CHECK

Since my doctors appointment on Tuesday I have been more or less “walking”with both legs using my crutches for support. I can put about 50% of my weight on my leg, so I am slowly reintroducing the idea of actually walking to my left leg. With my sister here we did lots of walking around and it felt great to get places, like the beach even, with more stability.

#2 To redo the bathroom…CHECK

We simply replaced our old shower curtain, treated ourselves to plushy new towels and got a new bath mat and it feels so luxurious now.

#3 To use the crock pot…CHECK

I am so excited about this new kitchen contraption. I simply through in some chicken breasts, veggies from the farmers market, a can of fire-roasted tomatoes and some spices (garlic and oregano), set it on high for 4 hours and viola!

and a secret goal I had was to swim…CHECK!

It feels good to get things done 🙂

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