WIAW – Good Habits

Over at Peas and Crayons, the host of WIAW, this month’s new theme has been dished out: Fall into Good Habits.

I would like to think that I already have good “almost habits” so I have decided to try harder and commit to real solid habits. Like trying not to snack as much in between meals.

Such as yesterday, I had a cottage cheese breakfast and then some crock pot chicken for lunch.I did indulge in a few bunny graham crackers, but made it to the pool and home without any real snacks.

Dinner was some chicken soup from mom and it was the perfect end to a long day.What are some of your good habits that you already do? What are habits that other people have that you envy?

2 thoughts on “WIAW – Good Habits

  1. Mike Cruickshank

    That chicken soup is pretty bad ass! I love the big chunks of celery and carrot!

    I guess a good habit I have when it comes to diet at least is to always look on the bright side of life:

    When the cold weather comes most people use that as an excuse to load up on high calorie food loaded with sugar, salt and fat.

    The thing is there always other options out there to “medicate” yourself through the short days and cold weather. Apples are always better when it gets cold out. I haven’t had a good apple for months now! Look at the awesome soup for crying out loud. Love those winter vegetables! High nutritionally dense foods are available all year round. You just have to look for them.

    Also because the weather is so crappy outside there really is no excuse not to go to the gym. Seeing people you like and working out is a great way to naturally and healthfully boost the number of “happy hits” in your brain while the sunshine and weather are unable to do so. You just have to set realistic goals and make sure that when you train your are “stimulating and not annihilating” to quote former Mr. Olympia Lee Haney.

    Thanks for giving a place to ramble!

    p.s. I envy no man! No because I think I am hot s@#$ or something. I find envying some other person without understanding who they are or where they came from can be one of the most negative and damaging things a person can do. Do I envy Lebron James because he is way better at basketball than me? Heck no! He was born to be almost 7 feet tall and jump like a kangaroo on a pogo stick. I am built like a D-Cell battery and look like an extra from the movie braveheart.

    1. Thanks for such a fabulous response! Complete with a youtube video – what more could a girl ask for 🙂 Feel free to ramble here anytime. I enjoy your insights, humor and good advice 🙂

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