WIAW – Trade Show Style

Eating while traveling is hard enough but eating while working at a trade show is even more difficult. You are either running around frantic and don’t realize what time it is and skip a meal OR you are bored snacking on the chips and candy that are around the various booths.

I have been trying to eat well while on this business trip but unfortunately when you have to eat out every meal and attend company dinners it doesn’t leave me with very many healthy options. Not to mention my lack of self control around peanut m&ms and hard candies…

Yesterday for breakfast I had a perfectly ripe banana and peanut butter like I have been having every morning.

All dressed and ready for the show

A few hours in the booth at the show and many snacks later 2pm rolled around and I had a quick break munching on this chicken salad.

As the day finally wound down around 6pm there were many snacks leading up to the company dinner at a Texas Mexican restaurant.

Compete with Margaritas!

Time for another long show day …

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