Stroke, Stroke, Stroke

It’s Saturday morning so I am off to the pool to grab a lane and get some good cardio in.

I normally swim freestyle with breaststroke in between to give myself a break. Today I am going to focus on some breaststroke tips while in the water:

Begin the pull by shrugging the shoulders up, with elbows turned out and the palms of the hands facing outward.

While the feet are brought towards the buttocks, they also flex towards the tibia (dorsiflexion).

 Your arms and legs should stay in the water all of the time and you shouldn’t splash when doing the stroke correctly.

I will not be perfecting the stroke in this pool today, but I’ll try to imagine the tropical sun warming the water and my cocktail with an umbrella sitting on a table near by.

2 thoughts on “Stroke, Stroke, Stroke

  1. Pull the hands back until they are under your elbows, which should never go behind your shoulders. Bring hands together in a prayer position and push them forward as you end your kick.
    After a couple hundred of those, get out of the pool and enjoy your drink!

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