Underwater Concert

Forget the terribly awkward closeness of the iphone, the cropping of my entire body and the inappropriate locker room photography, but do you see what is around my neck?

I am the proud owner of a waterproof iPod Shuffle and it works while I swim!

After listening to my endearing moans about how boring the pool can be lap after lap, I came home one day to find a box from my mom complete with all of the gear I would need to entertain myself under the water.

Despite the headphones, which I always have trouble with even out of the water, the gadget worked perfectly! I could easily change songs and volume and my workout went by so quickly. It was great to have some musical motivation.

I still have to work out some of the kinks with the headphones and I will most likely swim a majority of time without it just to focus on my stroke, but the waterproof iPod Shuffle is perfect for those days where I just want to escape in the water.

Thanks Mom!

If you want to check out where my mom purchased this item take a look here.

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