Up in the sky, it’s a bird…it’s a plane

Sadly it’s not Superman, it is a plane. I am about to jump on one and head east for the holiday and I cannot wait to see my family. However, I can wait to deal with security, sleep on a plane and traffic. I always travel during the holidays and somehow I always survive the crowds. Here are my tips for getting through the busiest travel days of the year:

– Only use a carry on – avoid dealing with baggage claim at all costs. This just takes up time, money and there is a high potential for lost bags, which is the last thing you need when you are far from home.

– Get there early! For all of you last minute airporters do NOT wait till last minute and think you will get through security on time. The lines are incredibly long and of course people are not in the best mood when they see how long it is going to take to reach the body scanners, so get there earlier than you ever would think to go.

– Bring snacks. Airport food is expensive, the plane always runs out of their overpriced food and sometimes you are waiting around for a while.

– Socks are key! Once you get on the plane get comfy. This is your home for the next few hours so you might as well be comfortable and cozy. I always travel with socks to keep my feet warm.

– Be kind to the person next to you. Yes, you are now neighbors in some very close quarters so smile and say hi. It makes the ride much more pleasant when you can relax a bit with your seat buddy.

Happy and safe travels to everyone! Maybe I will meet some of you along my way 🙂


(essentials for the plane)

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