Hit the Ground Running

Well of course I was not literally running but once I landed back on the west coast after my long flight I made sure I kept moving to get all of my errands done. I knew that if I sat down on my couch I would not get up and that would not have been good.

I literally got ouf of the cab and back into my car and headed to the pool. I was able to swim one time at home in New Jersey, but if felt so good to be back in my own YMCA swimming laps. I managed to get a decent workout in and then jumped back into the car and went to the grocery store, like every other person returning from holiday family visits.

I managed to beat the huge rush of people attempting to restock their bare-boned fridges and pantries and made it back to my apartment before 5pm.

Dinner was simple but exactly what I wanted after a few days of unrestricted stuffing of the face. I took a tip from Monica from Run Eat Repeat and bought Trader Joe’s Stuffing Starter Mix to start my meal and then added eggs, chicken sausage and mushrooms. In honor of being back in Cali I topped it with some fresh avocado 😉

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