WIAW – On a very long day

It’s rare that my office has very long meetings, but yesterday was one of those days where I  entered the building at 7am and did not leave until 5:30pm. We had an all day meeting with a handful of 10 minute breaks to stretch our legs and snarf down a snack. I was so tired and hungry by the end of the day that I almost didn’t make it to the pool, but I had to move my body after sitting in a chair for over 10 hours!

Pizza was ordered in for lunch, but I was smart enough to bring some leftovers from the other night so I had something to eat (I didn’t feel like picking off all of the cheese and eating soggy bread).

It was painful to drive past my apartment after work and head on to the pool, but once I jumped in it felt so good to stretch my arms and legs and glide through the water. Of course the whole time I was trying to figure out what to eat for dinner and I came up with this combination:

Egg whites, broccoli, smoked salmon and avocado with some ketchup.


I survived the day and managed to stay awake through dinner, but then I crashed. Thank goodness today will not be as long. However, I will probably still need to convince myself that heading to the gym, no matter how hard of a work day, will always make my body feel better.

How do you convince yourself to get in some exercise after a long day?

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