WIAW – with a sprinkle of stress on top

As I said earlier this week, change is stirring in the air, and along with the aroma of excitement, the taste of stress has creeped in.

Taking a leap and leaving the safety of the usual day-to-day is a great way to truly find yourself. To grow you need to rise up to challenges that push you to stretch your comfort zone and break posts in what you thought were the fences of your world.

There are plenty of hours where I playfully daydream about the wonderful adventures that are to come, but yesterday was filled with stressful logistical planning and and emotional strain. And while the actual changes in my life will certainly shape me, the journey planning these shifts is almost education enough.

I’m sorry to be so vague about everything and there will come a time to reveal all, but for now I am sure you can all relate to simply growing up and all that comes with it. Of course as a growing girl I need to be properly nourished and after a hard day I decided to make a homey meal of turkey sauce and brown rice pasta:


Nice and simple: sauté some broccoli, mix in some ground turkey, add some spices of your choice (oregano and garlic) and tomato sauce. I served mine with some brown rice pasta and spinach 🙂


Food to warm the soul and soothe growing pains.

What are some of your latest challenges?

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