WIAW – Smoothies on the brain

Between smoothies in the morning and banana ice cream at night I can’t keep bananas on my kitchen counter long enough!

I’ve been making a smoothie every day for breakfast recently because they are refreshing, easy to transport to work and filling!

Here are some variations of what I have been making recently:


I always start with a banana and almond milk and add a combination of the following:

Frozen mango

Frozen blueberries




Nut butter

Chia seeds

Protein powder

What do you love to put in your smoothies?

3 thoughts on “WIAW – Smoothies on the brain

  1. Paige

    I have been making smoothies more and more lately. I can’t seem to step away from banana, nut butters and chocolate! I have been juicing a lot too to make up for lack of variety in my smoothie making though!

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