First Days

Once again I find myself apologizing for my absence, and while I do truly miss writing on this blog every day, the major transitions in my life do not allow for this freedom at the moment.

 Yesterday I started a new job. I have left the world of board games, where I spent a year marketing and building family friendly games, for the world of technology PR. It’s a whole new genre of work and I can’t wait to dive in and absorb all of the knowledge that I can. I can’t wait to share my ups and downs in this new realm of career building, so wish me luck on my first week.


(Flowers and champagne on the first day, so far not too bad)

Since I left from my previous job I have been in NJ celebrating my sister’s graduation from college, spending time with my family and basking in the glorious humidity that is the east coast. I had a wonderful time turning off my brain and reveling in a good few hours on the couch in front of the television. I even spent a few days mapping my free schedule around a mid-afternoon yoga class, oh #middleclasswhitegirlproblems.

 If you didn’t catch that I said, yoga class. Yes, I have finally turned to yoga to do my body some good. And after two weeks of only 6 classes total I am addicted! As I slowly incorporate running back into my athletic repertoire, yoga is a great way to strengthen my muscles and stretch them safely and effectively. In addition to a year free of impact sports, my surgeon urged me to stay away from pilates (another new found love of mine before the accident), as he did not want the injury site to be traumatized by stretching. Now, many months later, I am finally able to feel the wood beneath my fingers as I reach down to touch my toes in a standing position. I am impressed with the resilience of my body and how comfortable I am in many yoga positions, and while of course I am only just a beginner, I am excited about mastering this new practice, appreciating my body along the way.

 I even tried a hot yoga class! I don’t know that I will be rushing back to a 110 degree room full of sweaty, nearly naked strangers, who give off a less than heavenly odor as a first impression. But I certainly give myself credit for trying something new and putting my body out there.

I also just want to take a moment to tell my sister, yet again, how proud I am of her and how excited I am for her to enter the real world! I helped move her in to her freshman dorm 4 years ago and last weekend I spent Sunday moving her out of her first apartment. It’s amazing to think that the entire time she was enjoying her college years I have been moving farther and farther away from my own college experience, handling the real world stride by stride, and, well, growing up. Now she joins the crowds of adults who are trying the make sense of what lies before them and I am so confident in her ability to succeed that it reminds me that I am managing the unknown pretty well too!


So, to all you graduates, adults, parents, and twenty-year-olds who dream of their college days, be proud of what you have gone through and where you are; life is exciting.

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