Getting Ready

All I have to say is that after we move in to our new apartment tomorrow I am SO ready to be done moving! Moving out of our San Francisco home was no easy feat and it was physically and emotionally exhausting. How do you say goodbye to that menu you saved from a birthday dinner three years ago? Or how do you donate that dress you were saving for that one occasion you were sure was going to find it’s way onto your social calendar?

After over a week of packing I was ready to sit on that long plane ride to Israel, simply sitting and watching mind numbing TV. But now that we are here it’s time to move out of Dave’s old apartment and into our new one, which only means more packing, cleaning and moving. Luckily most of our things are in suitcases, but there was some disassembly that needed to happen.

table wrench

Taking off the table legs in style

Movers are coming tomorrow evening to move all of our stuff over to the new place, but we thought we would help them out by making it as easy as possible to move things up and down stairs. And we will be getting pretty intimate with a whole lot of stairs tomorrow as we start nesting in our new place.

Our treat for all of our hard work was a quick bike ride to the beach!


It felt so nice to just sit on the sand and have the water lap over us. And yes, this was the first time I have been on a road bike since the accident and it felt great. I have a feeling I might be sore tomorrow from that 30 minutes of peddling haha.

Now it’s time to get some rest before a very long day of IKEA, moving and getting acquainted with the new space.

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