Brown Bagging It

While most people slept in yesterday I was hard at work, helping the hydrocephalus community. I try to bring my lunch to work every day to save some money and maintain my healthy eating choices. They are not the most exciting lunches, normally involving leftovers or some sort of salad concoction, but they make me feel better about what I’m putting into my body. Most of my coworkers buy their lunch EVERY day and most of the time their choices are towards the opposite end of the healthy meal spectrum.

While it might be tedious and a bother to wash out Tupperware night after night and prepare meals in the morning, I am proud of myself for packing my own lunch. However, it’s not the same as when my mom used to pack my lunch and leave me little notes and special treats 😉

I’m heading to the physical therapist later today for my knee so I decided it would be best not to run until I saw the doctor. So instead yesterday, I headed to the gym for some time on the elliptical and then attempted this little quick arm workout originally from pinterest but reposted by Julie of peanutbutterfingers.

Do you bring your lunch to work?

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