Therapy Tuesday

It has been a while since I made some simple, heart warming oatmeal so I decided to break out the pot and wooden spoon this morning and cook up a hot breakfast to take to work.

After a few hours of non-profiting I headed to physical therapy to discuss my runners knee and to learn how to be proactive about this injury.

 Even though my knee feels great I want to make sure that this injury doesn’t reoccur so the physical therapist gave me some exercises and stretches to help me out. He also analyzed my run and noticed that I land very hard on my heels which puts a lot of stress on my knees. The new school of running believes that runners should strike the ground with the middle of their foot (Chi Running – more on this tomorrow). I’m going back next week to practice this new form so I’ll keep you posted.


After this inspiring doctor’s appointment I went for a therapeutic 6 plus mile run and then out to dinner with Dave and his parents and a family friend.





Dave’s fish still had TEETH!

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