Yes, last time I checked it was January

Hard to believe that it’s the middle of winter after the day we had yesterday.

Saturday morning I enjoyed the glorious weather and went for a seven mile run. I decided to implement the tricks I learned during my physical therapy session and dedicated my entire run to focusing on my feet placement and overall form. Let’s just say this was not any easy task. I was mentally and physically exhausted after remembering to place my feet underneath of me, striking the ground with the mid section of my foot, and then kicking backwards, step after step.

My knee didn’t give me any trouble and I felt assured that I was not putting strain on it. I could already tell after my run that I was going to be sore today but it was certainly worth it.

It was a late night involving …

Getting together with friends,

attending a classic San Francisco night of comedy,

and watching over 2 and a half hours of stand ups including, this guy:

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