The SF Mirrors Project

It was one of those days where I just had to leave the office to grab some air and take a break from emails and the phone. While strolling the streets of Union Square in downtown SF I came across this mirror stuck on the side of a building:

It was so nice to see this random act of inspiration, art, community, whatever you would like to call it, at a stressful moment in my day. I took a breath and was able to relax and giggle at myself for standing in the middle of the sidewalk taking a picture of my reflection. I went back upstairs to my desk and researched the project and found that this city-wide art installation was just launched to promote kindness using motivational words and sayings.

I was fortunate enough to find another one on my walk home 🙂 I hope to find more throughout the week…

The rest of the day moved along fairly quickly and ended in an evening filled with these goodies from the restaurant Chotto:

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