Room with a view

Instead of waking up around 6 am and making breakfast and lunch and hopping on a bus downtown to the office, I woke up without an alarm and sat down on my couch to answer emails. After an hour of checking in with work I took a nice long run by the bay (7.25 miles) and then packed up some gear to head to Tahoe!

Our first detour was across the bay in Tiburon to do a little more work while we waited for Dave’s parents to finish up their day and pack the car. The view from their apartment is incredible! You can see the street we live on in the ciy from here!

After only a few minutes the car was packed thanks to Dave’s amazing packing skills. 

We made it to Squaw just as the sun was setting and we settled in with some dinner. While this was not the most delicious meal overall, it looked fantastic!

The evening was spent warming by the fire and playing banana grams 🙂

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