A day on the slopes

SNOW! Well, no new snow but there was enough already on the mountain to ski and snowboard.

We woke up and ate some breakfast to fuel us for the day. I had some banana and peanut butter! (hot sauce not included in this complete breakfast – it was just very tiny and I needed to get some perspective).

We skied at Squaw Valley Resort where the best run of the day has the most incredible view of Lake Tahoe.

Because there has been very little snowfall this year we were not expecting the best conditions, or for many runs to be open for that matter. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we were able to traverse the entire mountain and enjoy the snow that was there.

I love snowboarding! I learned when I was 13 and have only been able to go a handful of times every season (more like once a season), but I have managed to teach myself how to get down a mountain with some style – even if I am moving rather slow 😉

Dave is an incredible skier but spent the day by my side enjoying the glorious weather and fairly empty trails.

We jumped off the mountain on the earlier side to check out out these pups and then relaxed the rest of the afternoon – TV, nap, Hot TUB!

Dinner was simply delicious!

Now off for a few more hours on the mountain, then home in time for the end of the Super Bowl!

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