Those are the letters that spell out the word that you just read, LONG. That is how I would describe yesterday. I got up nice and early to get in a 4 mile run before making it to work at 8 am. I prefer running outside over the treadmill, but sometimes it’s nice to have the distraction of the TV for a little bit.

The rest of the day was filled with emails, meetings and long hours in the office. Let’s just say that the day ended with a lot of big career changes that will find their way into future blog posts.

I was greeted at home with a beautifully cooked dinner and a large glass of wine – quite appropriate for the long day.

(This picture does not do this fabulous dinner justice. I have the best boyfriend!)

This morning I hit the gym to find many other people with same idea of running on the treadmill out of the rain. I was patient and got a machine with plenty of time to run 6 miles and stretch.

I normally hate waiting for someone to finish their run and I find another workout to do, but today I stuck it out and only had to wait a few minutes. Do you wait behind a machine, tapping your feet until someone ends their workout or do you change your exercise schedule on the fly to accomodate the machines that are not in use?

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