Garage driving 101

I am working all weekend at a training session for volunteers in Charlotte, NC so yesterday I only spent a few hours at the office and planned to enjoy a relaxing afternoon filled with a a long run.

Well, a 7 mile run did occur but only after a driving detour to the Marin Headlands. While I was putting my key in the front gate of my apartment building Dave called. I knew he was on a bike ride and my heart always  stops if he calls when he’s out riding in fear that there’s been an accident. Once I answered he quickly assured me that he was perfectly fine he had simply blown two tires and only had one tube so he needed to be picked up. I of course grabbed his car keys and went to the garage.

However, it is rare that I drive his car because it is almost impossible to back out of our garage. Dave has a giant car that lives in one of the last parking spots. In order to leave you have to maneuver out of the space and then drive backwards down a small corridor. I had only tried this once before with Dave’s help and let’s just say that the lesson ended early and with me on the verge of tears.

Dave looking sad about his bike but thrilled that I arrived to pick him up 🙂

But this time I WAS VICTORIOUS! I successfully, albeit slowly, made my way out of the garage, over the bridge and up to the Headlands where I met dave and his deflated bike. Jordan to the rescue!

In a few hours I will be on the plane to North Carolina and I’m actually looking forward to some quiet reading time. Who loves/hates to fly?

One thought on “Garage driving 101

  1. Erika

    For some reason when I saw the title of this post I immediately had a flashback to the time we watched that car continuously back up and re-run over the island in the Atrium Mall parking lot. At least you’re not THAT guy. 😉 PS – Looking forward to having you in my time zone!!!!

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