I scream for ice cream

I finally woke up with an actual appetite on Saturday and after enjoying a banana with peanut butter and a few handfuls of cereal I attempted some exercise. I ran 4 miles on the treadmill and did a few abs and it felt great to sweat again (not due to a virus that is).

(I thought I would share my lovely/vibrant gym outfit with all of you)

One exciting event of the day involved getting rid of this:

And replacing it with this:

Another excitement involved finally finding a lactose-intolerant’s new best friend:

Yes, you have read correctly, this entire pint of Arctic Zero is only 150 calories of deliciousness. I was worried that the texture would be off or that it would have a weird, possibly chemical, aftertaste, but no! The flavor is light but smooth and creamy and I can eat it without ending up writhing in stomach pain and spending the night in the bathroom. YAY!

The rest of the night involved sushi from our favorite sushi spot, Ace Wasabi.

And a concert at the iconic Fillmore!

Not a bad Saturday – what did you do?

2 thoughts on “I scream for ice cream

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