Tips of Chi

Sunday morning (middle of the long-weekend morning) I took advantage of the beautiful weather, the time of day and my fully recovered health to go for a long run. I am still working on perfecting my new mid-foot strike, so during my 7 mile run I was constantly trying to adjust my foot placement, posture and lean. I have come quite far from where I started weeks ago with my heel strike run but it is still a mental struggle to not reach out in front of myself with my foot and land heel-side first.

My physical therapist suggested I read Chi Running to learn more about the mid-foot strike (natural running), and in the name of remaining injury free I have diligently taken notes. Here are some of the key elements I have picked up on so far:

Cliff’s Notes to Chi Running

  • ChiRunning is a way to run with all of your body engaged in a unified way, each part doing its proportional share.
  • You do not use your legs for propulsion in any way…We call it the ‘passive lower leg’ because your legs are used only for support between strides and nothing else.
  • Run with your heart first.
  • Keep your feet relaxed and soften your knees.
  • Keep your knees down that way your foot will be forced to land underneath of you and not out in front.

I will continue to post more tips/info as I read and review the book but as you might have guessed this style of running depends greatly on personal feeling and small adjustments of trial and error. 

Off to enjoy my day off – hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend!

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