Finding the positives

There are many bloggers who post inspirational/motivational quotes and pictures on Monday morning to start of the week with hopeful thoughts. Personally, this week has felt a bit too long and has ended a bit less than positive. So I am posting some of my own pick me ups for all of you to enjoy on this Friday.

  • Laughing with my friends
  • Listening to this song at any time of day

  • Hanging with my family

  • Knowing that I will one day have one of these pups as my very own!
  • Having my health
  • Enjoy the weather in San Francisco – it is so incredible right now
  • Knowing I am loved

And while I do not have full use of my legs at the moment – my pulled glute is pinching nerves in my back and leg making it very painful to even walk – I still have full use of my upper body, which meant I was not escaping my arm workout yesterday.

Pushups mixed in with some other reps of arm exercises made me feel like I at least did something for the day and I was able to head home for the evening and enjoy the epic night that is Thursday prime time television (Parks and Recreation, Up All Night).

Wishing everyone a HAPPY FRIDAY!

What do you think of to pick you up when you’re down?

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