Sprinkles to sushi

Breakfast was nice and colorful: 9 grain cereal (made just like yesterday), complete with sprinkles!

My glute and back are feeling better every day, but I had a chance to see a doctor mid-day on Wednesday so I took the chance to have it looked at by a professional. Other than confirming my own inkling that this is not a serious back injury and simply a pulled muscle, the doctor was of no help. He assured me that I should feel back to normal in another week or two and that I should stretch during my warm ups for future workouts. While I was not pleased with his lack of insight, I was glad to rule out a serious back injury and even more happy that I could walk home, which was impossible last Friday.

Dave’s sister is in town from NC so we spent the evening over the bridge in Sausalito, dining at Sushiran

Can’t go wrong with the freshest fish and award winning combinations.

I lOVE sushi – anyone else?

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