To the roof!

We could not have asked for a better Sunday in the bay! It was the kind of day where guys break out the flip flops and shorts and girls throw on their new sundresses and head towards the nearest patch of grass. Instead of the closest grassy knoll we  tip toed up to our roof to lounge.

We have been told that we are not allowed on the roof, but it was just too perfect of a day to follow the rules.

We brought up a blanket and some reading and enjoyed the view from our own private roof-top patio.

Following our naps, yes we fell asleep on the roof, I convinced Dave to get a pedicure with me. My feet were well over due for some attention and I promised Dave it would be a relaxing experience. Of course I forgot about Dave’s extreme dislike (we could probably go with “hatred”) of the nail file. Let’s just say this picture captures the moment well:

I on the other hand I was very pleased with my pampering and ended the day full of vitamin D and dainty toes 🙂

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