Taking. Care. Of. Business.

With the help of a list.

I’m a girl who makes lists. Loves lists. Eats and breaths lists. So Monday, you guessed it, I made a list.

I wrote down recipes, listed needed pantry items and jotted down random ideas. Then I followed my list and made the emails and phone calls that were on my agenda and accomplished the tasks at hand. I find it incredibly satisfying to detail everything I need to do and thoughts I have and cross them off once I have completed them. Also, this is a fool proof plan to avoid forgetting important small items that might slip my mind later in the day/week. Are you a lister?

Lunch was leftover broccoli, brussel sprouts, turkey and bit of the “cheese sauce” I made last week with some pasta sauce as well. Sounds a bit odd but heated up it was quite satisfying as a mid-day meal.

Dinner involved simple Parsnip Fries

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut up parsnips into desired fry-like shapes and distribute on a baking sheet.

Spritz (I use the misto container) or drizzle of olive oil on the raw parsnips and lightly salt and pepper the veggies. Cook in the oven, about 30 min, until the fries are lightly browned and fully cooked. Serve with the best condiment – Ketchup! (Yes, the bowl has crayons on it and yes, I used this when I was 4 years old).

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