the pancake eating patient goes to pilates

Since I wanted to get some food in my stomach before I had my first 3 advil of the day I took the time to make a pancake for breakfast 🙂

After reviewing many different versions of pancakes from various blogs I decided to go with the following combination, which resulted in complete happiness:

2 egg whites

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

1/2 a banana (or one small banana)

Dash of cinammon

Blend all ingredients (I used my handblender) until it resembles a batter. Then poor into a hot pan and top with sprinkles.

I ate mine with a bit of syrup (not the most beautiful photo but you get the idea).

I finally got to talk to my doctor of choice about all the pain I have been in and he agrees that I have not injured my back, just simply strained my glute muscle resulting in pain in my groin and back. He gave me a few exercises, stretches and guidelines and assured me that it might take a month or so but I would feel better soon.

With new found hope I decided to head to the pilates class I signed up for and I was so glad I went. Both this recent injury and my knee injury are popular issues that can be avoided with a stronger core. I believe this new venture into pilates can only help me reach a goal of overall strength, in turn making me a better runner. I am lucky enough to live ONE block from this great pilates studio: Mercury Fitness.

Tucked away down these stairs is a beautiful studio with mat and machine classes that you can take advantage of in private or group settings. I took an hour long group mat class that left me feeling stretched and at peace with my body. I think this will have to become a more regular activity in my schedule.

Dinner was created from this recipe and I can’t wait to make this flat bread again in other meals!

Garbanzo Flour Pizzas!

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