Everybody’s working for the weekend, but I’m working ON the weekend

Jordan, staff, reporting for duty.

Saturday, a day normally reserved for lounging, lazy exercise and walking around in the beautiful weather, was instead filled with sitting in a hotel conference room with 40  of the volunteers that I manage. The day was productive but long and filled with lots of bite sized candies to get me through the day.

I did manage to inject something other than pure sugar into my system with some cottage cheese for breakfast and lots of protein with a banana and peanut butter as a snack and some chicken for lunch.

Dinner was decent for a hotel sports bar but just in case you didn’t like your food you were distracted by trying to watch TV.

Traveling across the country really messes with my stomach’s clock and throws me off of a meal schedule completely. Luckily I am already on my way home and will soon be back on  a west coast time table – no thanks to springing our clocks forward.

Hope all of you were not too early for things today 🙂

One thought on “Everybody’s working for the weekend, but I’m working ON the weekend

  1. Kelly

    Sitting in Phoenix airport so I’m checking out your blog. Hope your travels were smooth this morning. After 7/31 will have to chat about a few things… Oh my!

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