Long time no sweat

Egg sandwich was on the menu for breakfast yesterday morning. Simple: egg whites, nutritional yeast, sandwich thin and yes, ketchup!

For some reason I was ravenous by the time I go to work at 7:30 so I scarfed this down like it was nobody’s business. Then a wave of exhaustion came from out of nowhere and hit me hard! Luckily I had one of these green teas stashed away in the mini fridge and it saved me for the rest of the day.

I found this faux egg salad at my local health food store and thought I would it give it a try. It was surprisingly good and incredibley filling. Anyone else heard of this brand?

Earlier in the week I visited a physical therapist at Presidio Sports and Medicine and had another evaluation. After yet another consultation I am confident in my latest diagnosis. Basically my pelvis (SI joint) is out of alignment and that is what is causing me pain in my lower back, glute and groin. Everyday the pain weakens and pilates has kept me sane but I have been craving cardio. And yesterday I did it! Cardio! A whole 30 minutes on the elliptical!

Look, it says workout summary, which means I actually completed an elliptical workout. First time in 3 weeks!

After the exhilarating and sweaty experience that is cardiovascular movement, I came home to do my glute workout prescribed by the PT.

Dinner was delicious pho with some friends – look at all of the oodles of veggies!!

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