Early start to Friday

Because running is out of the picture (hopefully for not too much longer)  I have decided to dedicate my workouts to pilates. In addition to home workouts focused on abs and arms I signed up for 10 pilates classes at a studio located a block from my apartment. I’ve already been to a few classes and I am in love. There are only 8 people total allowed in the mat classes and in addition to being a great core and overall strength workout, I find it incredibly therapeutic. Anyone else a fan of pilates?

my early morning face - so excited to head out in the rain again.

Friday morning I was in luck when only one other person signed up for the class, so it was more or less a private lesson. Despite being at 6:30am it was still a great workout and got me ready for the day.

If you live anywhere in the bay area you will know that we have not seen the sun for days. Although our grocery store is only a few blocks away we decided to jump in the car to avoid getting drenched on the way to pick up food to make for dinner. Well, our plan was foiled. The garage door would not open and it looked like it was not going to open anytime soon:

Luckily, my hero Dave, biked in the rain to get essentials to make a simple chicken and veggie dinner. It certainly tasted better knowing all the work that went into getting the ingredients!

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