pastries + beach + cows = Best Day Ever

Dave and I always love exploring the areas outside of San Francisco when we have the chance, so we took a day trip to Point Reyes, for some food, fun and adventure.

Our initial stop involved a bakery that has incredible pastries – baked goods that are truly worth breaking Passover a few hours early for…

We then made our way through winding hills towards the ocean, making some friends along the way…

After we had our fill of ocean we headed to a nearby lake and look what Dave spotted!

Yes, a SHARK! A leopard shark!

There were actually a lot of them swimming around near the edge of the water and Dave sacrificed his shoes to get nice and close to these amazing creatures by wading into the low tide mud.

The day was a complete success and now we are exhausted – good thing there is one more day left in the weekend so we can recover. Happy Sunday everyone.

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