The sweet sight of a treadmill

There are treadmill people and there are non-treadmill people. I never minded the treadmill, but only for my early morning workouts when I needed the distraction of the television and the safety of the brightly lit gym in the early hours of the day. Friday I was so excited to finally join the fellow treadmillers and run!

I ran a nice and easy half mile with very little discomfort and then hopped off and did some intervals on the elliptical for 20 minutes. I was so pleased with how well my first half mile went that I went for another half mile before doing some abs and glute exercises. A full mile completed – success!

To celebrate this I treated myself to an afternoon in the sun with Dave, wandering around our neighborhood, taking in the sights and exploring.

And later we treated ourselves to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants:

Now off for some more weekend adventures!

2 thoughts on “The sweet sight of a treadmill

  1. 5 mins on the treadmill? that’s my kinda workout! haha i can’t just run straight on the treadmill… i have got to do intervals, inclines, whatever to change it up!

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