The Holiday Spirit

It’s not every day that your co-worker comes in waving her finger with an engagement ring on it! After the announcement of a new fiance in the office everyone was on a high – especially because it was a Friday before a 3 day weekend.

Friday was definitely a day of treating one’s self to start the holiday early. For lunch I dined out with a coworker and enjoyed this simple but delicious quinoa dish at a local cafe.

After loading up on a lengthy to do list for when I get back next week, I ran out of the office to meet dave for dinner at Grub.

To celebrate the end of the week wine was in order

Grub is known for their mac and cheese so I left that to dave

and I had a veggie burger

Once full on restaurant food we made our way back home to unwind from the day and rest up for today’s big adventure…

which involves traveling over this baby (Happy 75th Birthday Golden Gate Bridge!)

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