It’s beginning to look a lot like springtime

Yesterday I did something I have been wanting to do for a long time…eat peanut butter GU on a long run!

I heard about peanut butter GU earlier in the year and unfortunately my injuries left me unable to run a block, let alone the hour plus when a GU is recommended. Yesterday, at the 5.5 mile mark in my 8 mile run I ripped open my GU and was so pleased with the taste! My favorite flavors are espresso, mint chocolate and vanilla, but now my go-to will definitely be peanut butter.

Has anyone else tried peanut butter flavored GU?

Because it was a Sunday we had to make our weekly trip down to the local farmers market to pick up fresh veggies and fruit.

Cherries are in season at the moment, so we picked a bunch and stuck them in the dehydrator for later.

This weekend is not only Memorial Day weekend but also the 75th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge. The parks department put on a festival of food, history and art on the water front, so we took advantage of the beautiful afternoon to enjoy the festivities.

On this 5 mile walk we found hints of spring throughout the natural world, spotting a baby gofer and a mommy duck leading her band of babies.

The long walk worked up an appetite and soon as we got home we got to cooking.

Dinner was a combination of some leftover, homemade tomato sauce, ground turkey, farmer’s market fava beans and grape tomatoes, and a really old spaghetti squash. It was delicious.

And now it’s the best kind of Monday — a no work Monday —enjoy!

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