Memories from Memorial Day

The day started out with with some fresh veggies and eggs.

This was perfect fuel for our next adventure of the weekend – a hike. Like many other bay area natives, we headed out of the city across the Golden Gate Bridge for the holiday, but instead of heading to the nearest picnic ground we found our own peaceful trail and explored.

After walking on the trails for an hour or two we made it down to the beach to nibble on some snacks and enjoyed the sun, giggling children and the therapeutic sound of the waves crashing next to us.

We beat the traffic back into the city and had a lovely dinner with Dave’s family at a Mission neighborhood favorite, Delfinas.

I had a delicious grilled octopus salad

and a VEGAN artichoke soup that was to die for

After  busy weekend I am ready to face the four day work week that lays before me, holding on to the taste of adventure until the next weekend comes.

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