Rasberry Jam Kind Of Day

I promised myself that after a super snacky Tuesday I was going to commit to better meals on Wednesday and I think I succeeded.

Breakfast was cottage cheese and some rice cakes with RASPBERRY JAM

I made it to lunch with only a few nibbles on leftover cookies that were hanging around the office. The mid-day meal consisted of carrots, a few sweet potato pop chips and a PB, banana and RASPBERRY JAM sandwich.

I did indulge in a few more bites of cookie later in the afternoon, but I decided to eat a better snack and pulled out some edamame.

I was able to sneak in a quick workout and then ran home for dinner. Unfortunately, our fridge was bare and so it ended up being a meal consisting of elements from earlier in the day, including more RASPBERRY JAM. Regardless of how the day ended I felt much better knowing I was focusing on meals instead of nibbling on crappy food throughout the entire day.

Let’s see if I can keep up the good work for the rest of the week – hey wait, that’s only 2 more days!

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