Hair today gone tomorrow

Starting the day with a 4 mile run and ending the day with a head massage and a hair cut sounds like a pretty good day to me.

Armed with new glasses I took on my 10 hour work day with keen sight and a thoughtful mind

What got me through the day was knowing that I was going to see my favorite stylist and finally get my locks trimmed.

You can’t beat being greeted with a glass of wine after a long day right before someone else plays with your hair.

1 glass of wine and an hour later Carlos had worked his magic and made my hair feel like new.

If you are in the bay area and you are looking for a good stylist (which can be hard to find), I highly recommend Carlos at Salon Macias. His bubbly personality will keep you smiling in the chair as he snips away creating a masterpiece.

Thanks Carlos!

Back to exercise and food post tomorrow

Do you have a favorite stylist? 

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