The BEST wine ever!

My leftovers from Thursday night’s dinner did not do the job to get me through an extra long day at work.

When I walked through the door around 7pm I was greeted with a large glass of this incredible white wine we purchased on one of our adventures in Napa.

I don’t know if it was the long day, the beautiful weather, the fact that it was Friday evening, but this wine was the best white wine I have ever had! The flavor was so crisp and refreshing! Let’s just say that this bottle was emptied to its last drop that night.

To celebrate the end of the week Dave and I went to our favorite sushi restaurant.

We have made good friends with one of the waitresses and because we dine there often she brought over one of the chef’s latest creations to get our feedback before it goes on the menu.

These Japanese crab cakes were delicious! We can’t wait for them to go on the menu 🙂

Hope everyone enjoyed their Friday evenings!

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