WIAW on crutches

Well let’s just say that I did not picture myself eating like this last week but if you have been following my story, this freak accident is something no on would have predicted. Tuesday was the first day I came home and was able to relax and eat in the comfort of my familiar surroundings. Like this morning I had a protein packed bowl of egg whites and leftover turkey sauce.Not the most visually appealing but it satiated my craving for something savory before I took my meds. In the hospital I really only ate their breakfast, which was eggs and/or bagels:The meals weren’t terrible it was just amazing how they made the eggs taste like absolutely nothing. I was fortunate enough to supplement the rest of my meals with food brought from family and friends. If you are ever in the hospital for a long stay (which I hope none of you EVER have to experience), I suggest you have one of your dearest friends bring over the food you love.I received the following, cottage cheese, to-go packets of peanut butter, the best homemade veggie soup ever!, mini reeses pieces, pretzels and hummus and the most satisfying drink when you are not feeling your best, CHOCOLATE ALMOND MILK!I hope everyone is enjoying their July 4th Holiday today 🙂

6 thoughts on “WIAW on crutches

  1. I bought chocolate almond milk in the half gallon container and it’s only been two days and there is a very small amount left…whoops. I LOVE the stuff! Most definitely one of the best drinks when you’re not feeling your best:)

    I’m so so sorry to hear about your running accident. But I’m glad you’re home now and you look great! You sound like a positive person and I’m praying you have a quick recovery! I hope you’re not in pain and, most importantly, that you have more chocolate almond milk!

  2. Hospitals are masters at removing the taste from any food they produce, there must be an art to it! Get well soon and I hope you are up and running again (no pun intended) soon. 🙂

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