don’t mind if I do

I feel stronger and stronger on my crutches (or Mary Kate and Ashley as I like to call them) every day. It took a little while to figure it all out, but since I heard yesterday from the doctor that I still have at least 3 more weeks on these babies, we have become fast friends. They are exhausting, and I am dying to walk! But it’s good exercise and it’s something independent – I can get around place to place without assistance.

However, crutching around can work up quite a sweat and sometimes I would just rather be carried than crutch a million blocks to a destination. So yesterday, we braved the dark hole that is the DMV and picked up one of these babies.

Definitely something I never thought I would be in possession of, let alone at 25 years old, but hey, I certainly qualify and it will make my current situation just a little bit better – so why not?

It was the fastest DMV trip I have ever taken – only 30 minutes! And good thing, because we had just enough time to meet up with Dave’s parents for dinner right after.


And then it was back home to cuddle with the kittie.

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