Feeling Normal

It has been just over two weeks since my hip accident and this weekend I finally felt like a “normal” human being again. I have been spending a majority of my days on my couch trying to find a comfortable position and using my computer to connect to the outside world. Each day I am getting stronger and stronger on my crutches and we try to do at least one outing a day where I head down the apartment stairs and out into the world.

Yesterday truly felt like a typical Sunday. After a slow wake up it was time for some quality bonding with the new kitty (her given name is Miss Kittums, but we are trying to think of other names so feel free to chime in).

After cuddling I hopped down the stairs and then Dave wheeled me a few blocks down the street to our regular Sunday visit at the Farmer’s Market.

Then, like any other Sunday, we stocked up on some staples at the grocery store. Of course, when you are not the driver of your own wheel chair you never know where your chauffeur will leave you.

(parked in front of the batteries – not where I wanted to be)

Later in the evening we went over to our friends apartment for dinner. It was great to get dressed in normal clothes and just hang with friends. Sitting at the table my crutches were resting out of sight and for a while I forgot that I haven’t walked in over two weeks and that I have stitches in my body.

Today I head back to the doctor to remove the stitches and get some more updates, so hopefully I will be moving closer to normal sooner than I think.

What are your usual stomping grounds on a Sunday?


2 thoughts on “Feeling Normal

  1. Lazy morning wake up (about 7am – late, I know! haha), workout when I feel like it, cook a tasty breakfast, meal prep for the week, just hang out!

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